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Is your beard a mess? Do you need something to calm all that manliness down? Look no further! Tricky Dick's Woodsman Beard Balm is a hand-made beard balm that is not only good for your beard and skin, it helps tame and smooth even the wildest hairs. I use essential oils of Pineneedle,  Rosemary and Lemon to give it a masculine, outdoors scent.

That handsome man on the label is my boyfriend Richard. He is a walking spokesman for my beard products and that is why I named my product after him. He uses my Tricky Dick's Burly Man Beard Tonic in the AM and PM. He applies the Woodsman Beard Balm in the AM after applying the oil to protect and lock the moisture in his beard throughout the day.

Tricky Dick's Woodsman Beard Balm

  • This listing is for one metal twist top tin containing 2 ounces of Tricky Dick's Woodsman Beard Balm.


    Ingredients: *coconut butter + lanolin + grape seed oil + beeswax + essential oil of *pineneedle + *rosemary + *lemon


    *denotes organic


    -Coconut Butter: coconut butter is amazing for skin and hair. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that keep your skin and beard clean. It also is an amazing emollient, which means it locks moisture and seals it. Coconut butter is the only oil that contains fatty acids. These acids keep skin smooth because the fats eliminate moisture lose through pores. It also contains Vitamin E which is essential for skin and hair growth and repair.


    -Grapeseed Oil: grapeseed has a higher concentration of Linoleic acid than many other oils. Linoleic acid has anti-inflammatory, acne reductive, and moisture retentive properties on skin.  Grapeseed oil is very mellow for your skin, and won’t clog pores or lead to breakouts.  It is also great for for the hair of the beard, and has healing effects for dry, damaged hair. This oil is easily absorbed in hair so it doesn't feel greasy or heavy.


    -Lanolin: Lanolin is actually the waxy yellow substance that is extracted from the wool that comes from sheep. Lanolin has a waterproofing characteristic that helps the sheep in keeping their coats dry. This helps to protect your beard and keeps it looking shiny and groomed.

    My products are hand-crafted using only ingredients from the Earth. I believe that Mother Nature gives us everything we need to heal our bodies from the inside out. I also do not use ingredients that test on animals.




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