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Face toners help balance your skin after you cleanse and before you moisturize. Toners help to shrink pores, balance pH, remove environmental toxins and reduce acne. My hand-made formula is all organic.

Rose Face Toner

  • This listing is for a 2 ounce spray bottle with 2 ounces of Rose Face Toner .


    -Witch-Hazel: adds moisture while protecting skin from airborne impurities. It also helps to tighten pores and brighten skin.


    -Moroccan Rose Water: gently cleanses while nourishing and revitalising your skin


    -Tea Tree Oil: this oil has anti-bacterial properties which help clean the skin and does wonders with acne and blackheads. It pushes out stale sebum stuck in skin pores. This treats and prevents clogged pores.


    Ingredients: *witch hazel + distilled water + *aloe vera + *Moroccan rose water +  *tea tree oil


    *denotes organic


    Directions: mist after you cleanse and before you moisturize. Use anytime throughout the day and a refresher.


    My products are hand-crafted using only ingredients from the Earth. I believe that Mother Nature gives us everything we need to heal our bodies from the inside out. I also do not use ingredients that test on animals.




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