About Light + Loves

One girl on a mission to spread love + awareness about clean + mindful living.

This Light + Loves original soy candle smells like sweet, rich amber with a hint of woodsy smoke. 

I only use phthalate-free fragrance oil in all my candles.


Light + Loves Candles: 

-made with love in Nashville

-all-natural soy wax from non-GMO USA soybeans

-USA made, re-usable mason jar with gold lid

-lead and zinc-free cotton braided wick

-hand-poured in small batches

-burn time is 60+ hours

-fragrance oil used is all-natural and phthalate free

-essential oils are premium grade

-jar holds 12oz of wax and is 5.1" H + 3" D

Amber + Smoke

  • Shipping: I ship all items after 3-5 business days using USPS 2 day shipping.

    Refunds: I want you to be happy! If you have a problem or concern about any of my products, email me and we will sort it out.

  • Why choose soy? Soybeans are a vegetable which means they are naturally bio-degradable. Soy wax is non-toxic and is clean burning. Soybeans used for soy wax are a renewable source. Soy is better for you and the environment.

    Soy wax has a memory. It is very important that the first time you light your candle, you let it burn until the wax is fully melted across the width of the candle. Usually it will take a minimum of 1 hour for it to melt properly. If the top layer is not melted, the candle will not burn all the way down. It is also very important that you trim your wick to 1/4 " every time you burn your candle to avoid emission of black smoke.

    Mason jar is re-usable. Just clean out with warm water and soap. Enjoy!!