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One girl on a mission to spread love + awareness about clean + mindful living.

About Light + Loves

Light + Loves Commitment

I have done a lot of research + shopping around to find essentials that are organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free and non-GMO for my products.

A lot of the big companies today do not care about our well-being, they only care about money. Thus they sell + advertise products that are filled with chemicals + carcigonens because they are cheaper. Using these harsh chemicals means they have to do animal testing to make sure they are safe for human use. It is both cruel + unnessecary. 

Here at Light + Loves I promise that I will use only the highest quality, ethical, cruelty-free products + supplies I can find. So lets get back the nature!


Thank you and I hope to bring


Light + Loves


into your life!

Christina Meskimen

About Christina Meskimen

I have always felt a connection to nature. When I was a child the trees were my reading chair, the corn fields a place to play hide-n-seek, the creek my swimming pool. This closeness made me appreciate everything  nature has to offer. 

I began making my own soy candles + all-natural beauty products because I wanted to make sure they were as organic as possible. Everything I use is something that comes from the Earth with as little manipulation possible.


I have decided I would love to spread my knowledge + awareness to other people. Please enjoy my products and if you need any guidance do not hesitate to ask.


Christina Meskimen


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